Choosing WP Well!

No secret that one of the hardest decisions a couple has to make for their wedding planning is the WEDDING PARTY! Unless you elope (smart in it’s own right) or are determined only to use family for this honor….. well it can get downright sticky!

In asking some former BBP Wedding Couples, we came up with a short (and not final) list of how to make the cut:

  • Only use family members if they want to be included and if they will have fun and add to your joy not your stress
  • Don’t ask a friend to be in your WP only because you were in theirs
  • Think carefully before asking a “new” friend
  • Make sure your WP member will take the day seriously
  • Never ask someone to be in the WP if you have a negative gut feeling: Listen to your gut

Choose carefully & well! The wedding day is a long one and can be stressful. Having a great wedding party will lighten your load, make your day happier and your memories sweeter!



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