Searching for a Cheap Wedding Photographer? We’ve Got News for You! Thanks to the great wedding pros at Junebug Weddings, we absolutely LOVE one of their recent posts and wanted to make sure and share it with YOU!!  We’re not saying that budgets don’t matter—- of course they do, and everyone has one no matter the […]

Ready for some delicious spring colors? So are we!!! From 100 Layer Cake comes a delicious assortment of pale mint and blush colors that define 2019 Spring Wedding Trends! Just seeing these colors in the beautiful photos makes us happy and feel springy!  Thanks 100 Layer Cake! This pale mint + blush editorial defines spring […]

2019 Bridal Shower Trends You’re Going to Love It’s COLD in most of the country—- really, super, unforgivingly cold. We thought it would be nice to think about lovely Bridal Showers, complete with warm weather photos of laughing women in t shirts and obviously warm breezes.  2019 bridal shower trends, and yes, you’re going to […]

You couldn’t have found a happier couple in Savannah than Julie + John! Not only for their fun engagement session, but hey now— they came into one of the most beautiful cities in America from BUFFALO. Not that Buffalo isn’t lovely, but one thing I know for sure is that it was quiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a bit […]

We’re always excited to be featured, and today we say Thanks Pop Sugar! There is nothing cuter than a bevy of flower girls, and you’re going to LOVE this gallery assembled by the Pop Sugar Team!!! It’s perfect to wrap up your week and kick off the weekend with a smile on your face!!! ****If […]