You couldn’t have found a happier couple in Savannah than Julie + John! Not only for their fun engagement session, but hey now— they came into one of the most beautiful cities in America from BUFFALO. Not that Buffalo isn’t lovely, but one thing I know for sure is that it was quiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a bit […]

We’re always excited to be featured, and today we say Thanks Pop Sugar! There is nothing cuter than a bevy of flower girls, and you’re going to LOVE this gallery assembled by the Pop Sugar Team!!! It’s perfect to wrap up your week and kick off the weekend with a smile on your face!!! ****If […]

We closed out the 2018 wedding year with Carolina + Grant at their Driftwood Beach wedding. Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is always a very popular destination for tourists and weddings alike, you’ll almost always find a crowd along this eerily beautiful beach. Bailey + Tuck’s Humans (Carolina + Grant) arrived for their ceremony with […]

We’ve arrived moving into the second week of 2019! Can you believe it? And everyone has what the trends will be into 2019! What colors actually WILL make an impact (rather than just be a Pantone play), which celeb had influence and how will that be translated? Mostly when we ask what wedding trends 2019 […]

With the arrival of 2019 we wanted to share our Word for the year……………be OPEN. (We always choose a word for every new year—- do you?) May we be open to others and greet them with kindness May we be open to laughter in the most difficult places May we be open to new experiences […]