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Calming Bridal Nerves….. with Yoga!

Raise your hand if you’re interested in calming bridal nerves!  Or if you know a bride that might need to calm her nerves! (Cough cough, you can be anonymous here!) Today we’re going to focus on calming bridal nerves with yoga! What if you don’t routinely practice yoga? Or if you’ve never done yoga at all? Maybe you’re totally skeptical—- that’s okay, but maybe give it a chance! It just might work!

BBP Bride Flor (of Flor + Aaron fame, who had their wedding at The Mackey House) and her bride tribe all relaxed with a little yoga on the wedding day before getting ready for the festivities.

Yoga is an excellent fit with brides/weddings as one of the tenets is to love yourself so you can love others—– and learning to be still, be calm, and be present. Sounds perfect, right? There are quite a few (i.e. a LOT) of wedding yoga resources out there. We bring you a sampling of our favorites and say, namaste!

The Martha Stewart wedding blog lists 3 yoga poses (although we see 2 poses and a practice but I digress!) that can work to calm brides and get in a calmer state of mind.

  1. Child’s Pose
  2. Downward Facing Dog
  3. Vinyasa Flow (more of a practice than a singular move)


I kinda’ love the 7 minute calming/energizing bridal yoga (below)—- there’s nothing hard about it and it actually does seem that it could bring a lot of benefits to the scattered and nervous bridal brain.


Also a favorite resource of ours is from the Bridal Guide. Their 31 Days of Yoga Poses for Brides is one of the best free and well documented resources on the web. They say “Enter: Yoga. The ancient practice or maintaining and flowing through various “asanas” or poses can work wonders to restore serenity and channel strength physically and mentally. And while you may see classes or apps geared towards breath work or strength-building, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Bridal Yoga Tutorial. That’s why we reached out to top yoga instructors for their favorite moves to get you mentally and physically grounded and beat anxiety the month leading up to your big day.”

PopSugar has a Yoga Sequence for Brides saying “On your wedding day, you want to be feeling your best, and yoga is the perfect way to cultivate the ultimate version of yourself. This full-body toning sequence is designed to help you tone up and wear your special dress with confidence. Beyond the physical benefits, this sequence will also calm down a mind busy with important plans for upcoming nuptials. Breathe deep, and flow through each of these powerful postures.”

One of the things you might consider is having a yoga teacher on hand during the days leading up to your wedding for either you personally, or for the bride tribe as something you experience together and benefit from. Most yoga teachers would be willing to come to you at your pre-wedding location and conduct a class or two but you’ll need to search them out in advance.

  1. Research local yoga studios to your wedding venue
  2. Call and discuss a solo or group practice prior to your wedding.
  3. Get a feel for the instructor and ask for prices.
  4. Will you need to provide your own mat, blocks, straps?
  5. Make sure you tell the instructor how many yogis will be practicing and their experience levels.
  6. Schedule your session(s)


Whether you currently have a yoga practice, or merely want to be calm and peaceful on your wedding day we hope you look at all of the ways you can achieve this through whatever type of practice you have. We want all of our couples to have the very best wedding day possible and to be fully present for all of the moments that come along during that day!



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Calming Bridal Nerves….. with Yoga!

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