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Covid Rescheduled Weddings

We’ve all seen a LOT of Covid rescheduled weddings haven’t we? It’s been a tough year! As we come out of this difficult time, weddings are still being rescheduled, sometimes for a second or third time.

Cristal + Alex were scheduled to marry in Miami and that didn’t happen as planned. Trying to reschedule their wedding and work it all around family members traveling from out of the country as well as Cristal and Alex’s post graduate studies made it even more difficult. The decision was finally made to marry in St. Louis, near Alex’s family.

Bobbi Brinkman Photography

It was winter—– in St. Louis! So breaths were held, weather was checked, and rechecked. Mother Nature showed up and brought her very best with bright blue skies and temperatures that wouldn’t overly chill the grandmothers! In other words, a beautiful day for a wedding with Cristal, Alex and a special appearance from their rescue dog Mango!

A special time with Cristal and the Mom’s, hugs and a very special toast!

Alex got ready for the wedding with the men, including Mango who was all dressed up for the occasion.

Niece Giana was the proud (and very excited) flower girl. She told everyone that she had tons of experience in the wedding business and was certain that she would perform her tasks admirably! Spoiler: She did!

Bobbi Brinkman St Simons Island Wedding Photographer

Alex’s older sister Danielle was the very proud officiant for their I Do’s. She did a wonderful job making their marriage personal, lots of fun and of course legal!

Photographed by Bobbi with the added attraction of cell phones held up close and personal for the Live on Zoom ceremony for guests (many of whom were out of the country) and friends. Watching the zoom wedding was tons of fun with so many comments, hoots and hollers sent to the happy couple.

St. Louis Wedding Photographer Bobbi Brinkman

The wedding was held at a lake in St. Louis County, and although the wedding didn’t look at all like the initial plans and so many of their guests were unable to make it (thanks Covid!) you wouldn’t know that this wasn’t the most amazing day of all time looking at Cristal and Alex and their huge smiles. Mostly…….. because it WAS an amazing day!

Bobbi Brinkman St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Bobbi Brinkman Photography

This couple works very hard, have amazing blossoming careers, have just both completed their Masters Degrees in their respective fields and the best thing? The best thing is that they are the kindest, nicest people you could ever meet! Devoted children, strong siblings, wonderful dog parents and stellar humans!

Bobbi Brinkman St Simons Island Wedding Photographer

Their rescheduled wedding reception moved from a lovely Miami venue to Alex’s dads place. It was fun for everyone who came to celebrate the loving newlyweds.

Thanks for the honor Cristal + Alex, we can’t wait to see what the rest of your lives bring you as well as what you bring to life! We wish you all of the love, joy, happiness and everything that comes along with it!

*If you, a friend or family member is planning your wedding, wherever it might be—with or without your dog as a member of the wedding party–we’d LOVE to hear your story, chat about your I Do’s and be part of your Wedding Day Team.


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