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Driftwood Beach Wedding | Jekyll Island | Tracy & Andrew

Once upon a magnificent sunrise Saturday morning, Tracy + Andrew said I DO on Jekyll Island! Driftwood Beach, more accurately. Mother Nature did not hold back with moderate temperatures, beautiful clear blue skies and all the gorgeous bells and whistles she brings to this stretch of the Golden Isles! Tracy + Andrew had happy smiles that rivaled the brilliance of the day and it was BBP‘s true honor to share in their very special day!

Guess who officiated? That’s right—– I was the super lucky one while Bobbi captured every moment with her cameras. I never take for granted the incredible honor it is to join a couple as they search for just the words they want to say to each other on their special day and then join them in marriage. The. Best!!!!!

Now, I know, this looks like Tracy is wiping away a tear, perhaps finding her groom in a very emotional moment—– but no. Mother Nature brought with her GNATS, and I mean G.N.A.T.S. Even after we had sprayed ourselves with gnat spray, and even with the very early hour, these Georgia Gnats were nothing short of vicious.

Tracy + Andrew met at work 4 years ago in Panama City FL and the rest is history. They clearly adore each other and seem to be the others perfect mate! It was so great getting to know them in the months leading up to their ceremony. The beauty of the day was just the highlight to their happiness!

They worked on their personal vows to each other to get them just right—– and they truly captured them. Funny, sweet, caring, lighthearted and devoted. My favorite line in their vows was repeated by both Tracy and Andrew, “Let’s get really, really, really old together…Thank you for marrying me.” Um, and gnats.

This cute ampersand was made for them from reclaimed wood by a great friend!

When we asked “What about your wedding are you looking the most forward to?” The answer was “Being away together, away from the craziness.” And this intimate and beautiful wedding was perfectly THEM, low key, and so full of joy!

Always an honor and a joy to pronounce a happy couple!

One of my favorite answered questions from this remarkable couple seems to sum them up…..”What famous person (living or dead) do you wish you could invite to your wedding? Tracy: Jesus, Andrew: Sylvester Stallone” Come on! Is that the greatest?

Tracy + Andrew loved Driftwood Beach and each other— of course!!! Those smiles just say it all!

Tracy & Andrew said “We like to laugh and eat and have a good time just enjoying the little things of life (Andrew doesn’t like bugs and Tracy will touch anything…she has to be watched).”

You might have gathered by now that Tracy tends to be the more adventurous one…… and Andrew isn’t really a driftwood tree climber….. but Tracy did so in an instant! I think of the two of them, Andrew was the happier one to jump off!

What a beautiful morning! (And don’t you just love Tracy’s blue dress???)

We asked “What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done as a couple (so far)???” ” How do we pick…Seeing the Northern Lights with Denali in the back ground in Alaska!” The newlyweds honeymooned at the fantastic Greyfield Inn on beautiful Cumberland Island, we bet that they will add this incredible trip to that list!

Tracy + Andrew, we wish you every happiness you are so deserving of, and that you share a brilliant and happy future together!


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Driftwood Beach Wedding | Jekyll Island | Tracy & Andrew





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