Happy Fresh New Year!

It’s 2020!

For couples with a wedding coming up in this new year, it’s super exciting!

If you just got engaged—– also thrilling!

If you got some bling this season, congratulations!!!!!

Either way, maybe you– a friend or a family member is planning your wedding? WE’D LOVE to hear your story, chat about your I Do’s and be part of your Wedding Day Team! Honestly! We believe that every story deserves to be told and we’d be honored to be chosen to tell it!

We would just love it if YOU were a #BBPCOUPLE!

Please give us a call or pop us an email!

Oh, by the way………….. follow BBP on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and even TWITTER.

We’ll be looking out for you!!

Along with the BBP Team wishing you a very happy new year, we also send wishes that you’ve been able to start this new year with a fresh start (however that looks for you!) Take a moment to write your word of the year and hang it somewhere in your home—- choose some attainable goals, throw out what didn’t work for you and decide right then and now that THIS will be your year!!!



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