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Honoring Your Pets On Your Big Day

Bobbi was recently quoted in So This Is Love in an article on Honoring Your Pets On Your Big Day.

As a huge lover of pets Bobbi loves to see them included in celebrations of all types and is always glad to give her advice on how to make the day go as well as possible for the pets as well as their humans!

Some Takeaways:

What are some creative ways for couples to honor their pets on their big day?

If couples are not able to have their pets with them on their wedding day, several of our couples have made life-size photo cut-outs of the pet and glued them on sticks and then stuck them in the ground up by the couple as if the pets were sitting right there watching.

These cut-outs also make for fun photos with the couple after the ceremony, During Covid, we have had some couples make sure their pets were in the room where they were streaming their wedding so they could see their pets and family and friends.

Would you advise that couples have their pets present on their big day? Why or why not?

In my pre-interview questionnaire, I ask about pets if the couple has not already mentioned their fur baby. Once I determine that the couple has a VIP (a very important pet) and there is no way to get married without their pet, I talk with them about the logistics of including their pet in the city they are planning their wedding.

If I know that the location of their ceremony will not be safe for their dog, I will do everything I can to include the pet in their engagements sessions. If we are near where the couple lives or where the dog is staying with a pet sitter, I will build time into the photo timeline to ensure the couple has wedding photos with their pet.

Honoring Your Pets On Your Big Day

What are some logistics to be mindful of if a couple chooses to have their pets onsite?

Weather plays a huge role here in the south, from heat to hurricanes, so I speak to couples about the safety of their pet and the extreme weather conditions that can add to the stress of their pet. We need to be mindful that all dogs are not beach dogs, and the added stress of these new surroundings and additional people all wanting to pet them, especially if dressed in their finest wedding day bow tie or dress.

I work closely with a pet sitting company that will arrange the pet’s level of care for the wedding weekend. The morning of the wedding, the pet sitting company arrives where the pet is, then brings the pet to the ceremony, then stays while I take some photos of the couple and their fur child.

Once photos are complete, the pet sitters take the pets back to stay. Then the couple can proceed to celebrate the rest of the reception, knowing their pet has played a role safely in their day and is waiting for them when back in their hotel or rental after the reception.

Read the full article on Honoring Your Pets on Your Big Day here.


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Honoring Your Pets On Your Big Day

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