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Include Dogs in Your Wedding Photos?

If you’re wondering if you can include dogs in your wedding photos………… the quick answer is YES YOU CAN!

With some planning, some preparation and a well trained dog, including your best paw friend in your wedding or engagement session makes the day better!

But first (drumroll please!) we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the BBP Family, the studio dog in training. (Sort of!) Meet Ellie Joy!

Ellie Joy is a 2 pound Shorkiepoo whose sparkly personality is definitely bigger than her size.  She is pretty darn adorable!!

Back to the regularly scheduled programing (ahem) about how to Include Dogs in Wedding Photos– because that’s why you came! Because you’re likely a dog person I bet you forgave us the cute diversion!

The first hard and fast rule when choosing to include your favorite paws into your wedding is that they are WELL TRAINED. Or trained enough to participate in those sections of your wedding you choose (like a few photos of the two of you).

Decide if you would like to have your dog participate in the wedding itself in some capacity (this SO much depends on your dog), or if you would just like to have your dog included in some wedding photos with the two of you.

You can have a family member, or hire a dog wrangler for the day to help you keep an eye on your pup while you remain focused on the wedding part of the day! Having help just might be the most important thing of all.

If you opt for a First Look, it’s always a great time to bring in your dogs at the end so that they can have their moment of glory.

After all, they are scene stealers aren’t they?

Thinking of how to include dogs in your wedding photos a lot like having children in the wedding!

  • Make sure they have full tummies, know their handler, and have had enough time with you before the wedding so that when they see you their greeting is turned down to an 8.  😉
  • A well trained dog means different things to different people. Behaving well on leash, having a nice non-aggressive attitude around other people, and being able to greet your guests without jumping up on them is a good place to start.
  • If you hire a dog sitter for the day, make sure that your pets have met them before your big day and spent a little bit of time with them. That’s super helpful in keeping a calm dog.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water, dog treats, and maybe even a toy or two if they get bored. They WILL get bored, I mean, this won’t be 100% about them!
  • If you buy a special outfit, a bow tie, or even a scarf for your dog make sure they’ve at least worn it for a few moments to reduce their anxiety. Some dogs love to wear finery and others……………. not so much. Don’t force the issue, nobody will be happy with the day or the photos.
  • Don’t overtire them, you might consider having that sitter or family member or friend take them back to a safe and quiet place to rest when the big moments and photo ops are over.

Most dogs love to be included in engagement sessions! Cory + Hunter had such a great session with their adorable dogs! Here at BBP, that happens a lot and we always love it! Especially if your fur baby won’t be at the wedding, it’s nice to have photos of all of you during this special time in the life of your family. Most of the rules above still apply– even though it is a shorter day.

You’ll want some photos of just the two of you so be sure that you have someone who you can hand off your dog(s) for those required photographs.

Make it fun!

A wedding is a big day no matter how large or small, don’t add stress by expecting too much of your dog. They won’t have fun and neither will you.

By having some guidelines in place and with some careful planning including your dog in your wedding will be fun on the day itself and make a wonderful memory!

*If you, a friend or family member is planning your wedding, with or without your dog as a member of the wedding party–we’d LOVE to hear your story, chat about your I Do’s and be part of your Wedding Day Team.

We want YOU to be a #BBPCouple!

Please give us a call or pop us an email!

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Include Dogs in Your Wedding Photos?

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