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King & Prince Wedding | Chari + Rob

A double honor was given BBP at the King & Prince Resort wedding of Chari + Rob! You see, the blessing was to photograph the story as it unfolded and to officiate the ceremony for this wonderful couple! When their ‘official story’ started, Rob gave Chari a weekend away as part of her birthday gift. The proposal was in a quaint little inn in Maine during the early spring. “We were getting ready to go down to a nice dinner at the Inn, and Chari had forgotten to pack some her jewelry. Right before we went down to dinner. Rob said, “You know how you forgot your jewelry this weekend? Well I have something that might help…” —and then proposed! That sets the stage for a romantic, madly in love, and super fun couple that said I Do here on St. Simons Island!

We asked Chari what was the most meaningful thing to her on the wedding day and she said “the cards Rob wrote to all of the ladies (and flower-girls) getting ready for the wedding, including myself. He doesn’t open up very often, so when he does, it’s a really special moment. He wrote the warmest and most loving notes in the cards. They brought happy tears to each of our eyes. It made me even more proud than I already was to have him become my husband in front of all of our friends and family. His card truly melted my heart.”

Chari’s lovely wedding dress was Casablanca purchased in Dedham MA. Bridesmaids dress was Bill Levkoff.

Chari’s ring was lovely, her engagement ring had a funny story: “Rob told Chari he was going on a business trip to Philly. Once he was there, his friend set connected him with a jeweler that he was friends with. Rob picked the ring out without any guidance from Chari. When the ring was ready, Rob told Chari he had another “business trip” to Philly. Chari thought nothing of it because Rob travels for work quite often and there are some operation centers in Philly.”

As the bride and groom got ready separately, tiny little nerves started to build. I don’t think there is a couple soon to marry that doesn’t get butterflies so, you’re not alone!

Chari shared that “Rob and I are truly grateful to everyone that was part of our wedding day, from our friends and family who traveled so far to celebrate with us, to the vendors who helped make our day magical!”

On their wedding day, the seats at the King & Prince faced a lovely ocean and swath of sand—- it’s been a somewhat rainy spring so it was wonderful to have a gorgeous day!

At Chari and Rob’s first look, they exchanged cards that brought a tear to each of them. Rob is known as “the funny one” and it may have caught him off guard to tear up…………….. but we knew it was coming!

Chari – Rob is very realistic and balances me when I’m too much in my head or thinking with all emotion.

Rob – Chari’s kindness and how she thinks of others first, especially me!

We asked what is your passion & purpose? What motivates or drives you?

Rob – doing the right thing; motivated to win

Chari – making a lasting positive influence on children; the rewarding feeling when I see it happen

Even the flowers blooming in the garden at the King & Prince were in Chari + Rob’s colors! “I’ve always loved purple, including purple tulips and lilacs. The tulips would always be the first sign of spring after long, cold winters. Lilacs have also had sentimental value too. As a child, I loved playing outdoors, and the fragrance of the lilacs in the warm spring air were heavenly. One day, my friend and I were riding our bikes and noticed a huge lilac bush in a small cemetery. We decided to pick the lilacs and place them on the gravestones of all the veterans in the cemetery!”

The flower girls Macy & Charlie were her twin nieces and they did a spectacular job!

It was Tina’s honor and privilege to officiate the ceremony of Chari and Rob. (That is one of my favorite things to do for a couple!!!)

The couple wrote their own vows and they were unique, touching, funny and fantastic! The favorite part might have been how Chari made Rob a cat person!  🙂

Their first dance was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, the song was playing in the car the first time Chari knew she was falling in love with Rob.

The family dances were —Father/Daughter:”I Loved Her First” – Heartland; Mother/Son: Josh Groban – “You Raise Me Up”

We already mentioned the adorable nieces, right? They had so much fun!

We wish Chari + Rob all the happiness in the world and a joyous future together! Thanks to you both for the honor of sharing your very special day! They’ll be heading off on a July honeymoon to Greece!

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King & Prince Wedding | Chari + Rob

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