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Savannah Engagement Session | Julie +John

You couldn’t have found a happier couple in Savannah than Julie + John! Not only for their fun engagement session, but hey now— they came into one of the most beautiful cities in America from BUFFALO. Not that Buffalo isn’t lovely, but one thing I know for sure is that it was quiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a bit chillier than Savannah!

This awesome couple is getting married in Savannah at the Stunning Whitman Mansion—- and Tina has the honor of performing the ceremony!

Julie + John have been together for 7 years—- and you can tell that in their ease together, how relaxed they are— and how quickly they laugh together!


Their proposal story is a good one, told by John: “We decided to have a long holiday weekend in Toronto and Niagara Falls, as we’re so close to both of them.  I made reservations far in advance to the Skylon Tower, a well-known restaurant with a rotating dining room, during the time that the fireworks would be going off.  I planned on doing it then.  The following story is why I don’t much like planning things:  we dressed up, got there a little early, waited in line to take the elevator to emerge in a full waiting area, where other patrons were patiently waiting for a table.  I greeted the hostess and informed her that we had reservations, she gave me a pager and took my name.  We tried to go up to the observation deck until our table was ready; unfortunately, there were so many tourists out there that we couldn’t see a thing. After some time, we were informed that they were on number 9; I looked down at our pager, we were number 19.  10 groups ahead of us, all small parties.  I reminded her that we had reservations as calmly as I could, knowing this night was meant to be something special, and she shrugged it off, telling me she can’t force people to leave. By this point, it was over an hour after our reservation and the fireworks had started. The observation deck was still too full to get out.  We decided to leave and hopefully catch what was left of the fireworks outside, but by the time we got down the elevator, they had ended. Unfortunately, the only other restaurants open in the area at this point at night were Hooters, Tim Hortons, and TGIFriday’s.  We really only had one option, but I didn’t want to propose at TGIFriday’s, so we stopped back at the hotel.  At the hotel, I joked about how poor my luck is when I try to plan things, and I proposed. We celebrated with terrible, over-priced burgers at TGIFriday’s. But at least I didn’t propose there.”  Good call John, good call!  😉

They were SO HAPPY to be back in Savannah—- and enjoyed their time here to the fullest!

They love to explore new cities (and cuisines!), people-watch, shop, and hang out with their cats.

We always ask, what’s your favorite thing about the other??? And of course we loved their answer:

“John:  How deep her love for animals is (especially for the unfortunate ones).  We would have so many dogs and cats if I wasn’t there to say no.

Julie: His optimism. I tend to over-analyze and worry myself sick, so I really admire how he’s able to look at the bright side of things.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so of course we asked what drives them bonkers about the other:

“John:  How much she worries about everything, like when she turns around on her way to work to make sure she turned off/unplugged her hair-straightener.

Julie: When he finds something he likes, it’s difficult to pull him away from it. This is especially difficult since I love to be punctual.”

Hey John, wait—- I’ll finish this post later, I have to go be sure my flat iron is turned off!!!!!! 🙂

If money was no object what would they do?  (We love this answer) “Travel and experience different cultures, and build a cat sanctuary and fill it with cats.”

When asked what famous person (living or dead) do you wish you could invite to your wedding and why, they replied, “Ben Folds, so he could provide the music and we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”



What about your wedding are they looking the most forward to? Introducing Savannah (their favorite city) to the people they love! I know for a fact that Savannah will charm everyone!!



What are some of the things they would rather not do as a couple….who’s idea of fun is not the others?

John:  Fishing, Video Games, Sports

Julie: Historical Tours, Researching/planning (vacations, etc), Reading





Who initially played harder to get? “Neither of us.  The chemistry between us was just right.”  And, you can see that growing chemistry today, seven years later (and counting!)




When Julie + John met Bobbi for their engagement session, this thoughtful couple brought her a sweet treat, the famous sponge candy from Watson’s Chocolates! The funny thing is that it is one of Bobbi’s favorites, her Dad used to make it during the holidays!


We can’t wait for their Big Day coming up in May! 

Something tells me it’s going to be very special indeed!


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Savannah Engagement Session | Julie +John

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