Savannah Engagement Session | Samantha + Culley

April 29, 2019

There are few things more wonderful that a Spring Savannah Engagement Session! And Samantha + Culley enjoyed a beautiful one!

To hear them talk about their meeting: “On Sam’s way back to school in South Carolina from Thanksgiving, she “by the graces of God missed her connecting flight in Atlanta.”  This resulted in us matching on Tinder, and waiting a few months to finally meet in person. Sam ended up picking Twin Peaks as the meeting spot (not knowing) and Culley drove her back to Columbia the next day! That was almost 5 years ago!!”

According to them, there wasn’t much holding back or games on either side! Once they starting talking and met in person, it was a mutual and fluid process! It will be 5 years in December!”

They have such a sweet proposal story: “Culley proposed to me while we were in New Jersey visiting my family at our beach house over the week of 4th of July! He’s not great at lying, so I had a pretty good feeling it was coming and so glad it did! On July 5th, he asked me to go for a walk on the beach around sunset and ended up on 1 knee!”

“We really enjoy spending time with our dog and getting outdoors with her when it’s not too cold! We like going to the movies, eating (s’mores are our favorite), watching corny TV (Sam prefers Married at First Sight), and traveling together. AirBnB has given us the chance to adventure with our pup!”

What does this great couple love to do? Sam loves hiking in the cold, which Culley despises. Culley LOVES roller coasters, while Sam prefers her feet firm on the ground! Culley says he loves how comfortable we are around each other and how deeply we both genuinely care about what the other has going on! I love how similar we are, which means we’re usually feeling/thinking around the same thing! This makes communicating easy and fighting almost nonexistent! Culley corrects grammar, sits on the top of the couch to ruin the cushion, and leaves his shoes every.where. Sam goes to bed too early, leaves the remotes on his side of the bed, and teases him about some of his interests, like Pokemon, WWE, and video games!”

The most exciting thing they say they’ve done together was go on a cruise to the Bahamas! It was both of their first times on a cruise, and to hear it, they had a blast! They’ve also gone on a few other fun trips throughout the years (lots of trips to Columbia, SC, Phoenix, Universal).
They LOVE to travel! Culley is a huge Disney fan, so seeing all the different Disney’s throughout the world. Sam loves the beach, so all blue-water places are on her list! (Confession: ours too!)

Told you………….. Savannah in the spring was amazing! Samantha + Culley laugh together so often that  it’s easy to feel like you’ve known them forever!

They both like to make people feel welcome and comfortable (easy to see) and are both empathetic, people-pleasers. Both Samantha + Culley have a passion for service and serving others (Sam is an AmeriCorps alum).

“We both have our moments, but are pretty corny all around. At least we can guarantee one other laugh!”

The fountain at Forsyth Park is not only quintessentially Savannah, but a must stop for locals and tourists alike.

This loving couple is saying I Do this November at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah—- and we are really looking forward to what we know will be a very special day!



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Savannah Engagement Session | Samantha + Culley

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