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Savannah Fall Engagement Session

This Savannah Fall Engagement Session was fabbo not just because of Fall in Savannah—- or because of such a great couple as Hunter + Cory—- or even because it was a lot of fun on a warm southern afternoon. Nope. It was because of their dogs. Oh my gravy, their dogs!!!!??? This Florida couple has the most adorable traffic stopping French Bulldogs you have ever seen! And yes, they stopped traffic! I wonder if they are used to not getting any attention and Louie and Saint being the stars of the show!



Hunter + Cory are getting married in December at the Mackey House in Savannah. To say we are looking forward to their Big Day would be an understatement (even if the fur babies won’t be among those celebrating!)

A couple that is so much at ease with each other and with such spontaneous laughter makes the world brighter don’t you think? They met at a Starbucks in St. Petersburg FL so they’re not only fun, they’re caffeinated (always a plus in my book!)

Of course we asked about the proposal story and they shared “We took a trip to NYC early December 2019. We have a few friends that live there and Hunter told Cory they were going to meet them at their apartment and then go to dinner from there. We got to the building, went in the elevator and Hunter pressed the rooftop button which was a bit suspicious. We walked off the elevator outside and there were candles in the shape of a heart filled with flower petals. Hunter grabbed Cory’s hand, led him into the heart, got down on one knee and popped the question. There was a photographer there who captured the whole thing with the city and sunset in the background.”   Sigh, a romantic story is always appreciated!

What is their passion and purpose?

“To experience the world to the fullest and working hard while we’re young to be able to do so before we are too old.”

Because we wanted to know— and you probably do too—- we aske, what about your wedding are you looking the most forward to?

Hunter – the first look and the sparkler exit into our vintage car.

Cory – enjoying the culmination of months of planning and having candid pictures to relive the best moments.



This Savannah Fall Engagement Session was wonderful from start to finish and once again we say that we are truly blessed to have such amazing couples!

We asked Hunter + Cory if they could choose, what famous person (living or dead) do you wish you could invite to your wedding and why?

Cory – Kris Jenner – I believe she is brilliantly smart for positioning her family the way she has to maximize all of their successes in different ways. Also, I love her style and anything she wears looks amazing.

Hunter – Rupaul – He has paved the way for gay rights and is a very influential person that I look up to for always being his most authentic self.



Thanks for a great session Hunter + Cory, and thanks especially for sharing Louis and Saint with us! We will be celebrating with y’all soon!


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Savannah Fall Engagement Session

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