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Savannah Micro Wedding- Kaitlin + Mark

We are head over heels with the Savannah Micro Wedding trend……………. even if for the most part it did come to life from Covid 19 restrictions. Add to that how much we just love Kaitlin + Mark—- and well, this Savannah Micro Wedding- Kaitlin + Mark is absolutely a marriage with all the feels!

Kaitlin and Mark had been planning their wedding for some time…… and then Covid. That’s a familiar story not only across 2020 but continuing into 2o21— and a story nobody likes very much. As a matter of fact, like many of our couples, they had changed their plans a few times, each time to be totally messed up by the coronavirus. Ick.

The last time was the time that was very simply Meant To Be! Kaitlin, Mark and their families gathered on a beautiful Savannah evening near their home, and walked to Baldwin Park to say I Do—- it was nothing short of wonderful!

The walk wasn’t very far—- and it definitely brought out the joy not only in Kaitlin + Mark, and their families—- but in the neighbors they passed. Honks, flashing lights, and shouts of congratulations rang out along the way.

Kaitlin works as an inveterate Do’er of Good in town, and you might recognize Mark as a tattoo artist at The Butcher in Savannah. Don’t tell anyone but Tina is planning her first tattoo with Mark once we’re all free to move about the cabin again. (Yes, she could get one now with safety protocols in place but really—- when you’ve waited this long, make it as special as it deserves to be!!!)

Their smiles were brighter than the beautiful city around them!

Their beautiful ceremony was held in the park, in front of a magnificent oak tree dripping that quintessential spanish moss. I Do’s are always special but theirs were extremely special because Mark’s Dad officiated their emotional and personal ceremony and vows. Good job Dad!

During this awful pandemic it seems that everyone has to have that “Covid Photo” that sums up this crazy time.

We finished Kaitlin + Mark’s wedding day by walking back to their home and grabbing a few photos with their  beloved cats—- who by the way, seemed incredibly interested in the new marital status of their parents. Well, maybe not—- but it was a personal and wonderful way to end the day!

Kaitlin + Mark, we just love you and can’t wait to see you again soon! You know that we send you all of the very best wishes for love, happiness, laughter, joy— and you can put that in INK! (See what I did there?)


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Savannah Micro Wedding- Kaitlin + Mark

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