St. Simons Island Engagement Session | Marlee + Adam

Texas couple Marlee + Adam enjoyed a beautiful evening for their St. Simons Island engagement session—- I mean, blooming flowers, beautiful moss draped trees, and the beauty of East Beach! What’s not to love?

This fantastic couple laughs so easily and obviously enjoy each other’s company.  We asked them how they met: ” We met during the fall of our freshman year at Abilene Christian University! He introduced himself to me during a group outing, and we continued to see each other just about every night for a few months as the group began to play spikeball together.  We eventually became an undefeated duo! “

You know we love to ask, —Who played harder to get? Marlee said “Definitely Adam!  We hung out with this “spikeball” group of friends for several months until the group fell apart.  I really wanted Adam to ask me out on a date but when the group fell apart, I didn’t see him again for several months.  He finally asked me to go on a walk one random night (in the rain) and I ran out of the library to my dorm room to make sure that I looked cute before I left; I was really excited!  I felt like I was the only one who talked the entire walk around campus, because Adam is very shy.  After that, we started hanging out a lot and he asked me to be his girlfriend the summer before our sophomore year of college, with the most beautiful poem (one of many to come).”

Marlee and Adam have been together for three years and counting!

Their proposal story is so sweet—– Marlee shares “Oh my goodness what a day!!! I had always told Adam that I wanted to be SHOCKED when he proposed to me and boy oh boy I was so surprised!  I left college to go home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.  My parents told me that we were throwing a surprise birthday party for my younger sisters 18th birthday at our lake house.  I got ready with my sister thinking, “she has no idea!”  We drove to the lake house and Adam was standing out back.  Initially, I thought, “what is he doing at my sister’s birthday party?” We walked down the stone steps leading down to the lake and there were rose petals and lanterns all down the pathway.  As we got down by the lake, he proposed!  I was SO surprised!  Little did I know that our families and friends were waiting in the house with a surprise engagement party.  It was such a sweet night!”

Marriage pro’s always say that the couple that cooks together stays together— and this couple does!!! They share that they love “going to the lake together, going to the movies, going on walks together, and love cooking dinner together. “

What are their favorite things about each other? ” Marlee – One of the things I love about Adam is his thoughtfulness. He writes me romantic poems for every occasion, he writes me letters when we are long-distance, and he always goes out of his way to make me happy and cheer me up when I am having a bad day.  Adam- I love how sweet and caring Marlee is.  She has an amazing personality and outlook on life, and she is always encouraging to me.  She has always been patient and forgiving, which is something that I really value.  I can already tell that Marlee is going to be an amazing mother, and I love that!”

Adam is apparently a sucker for sappy movies and has just run a full marathon— Marlee loves the beach and also enjoys being adventurous.

The happy couple comes from large loving families, “Adam and I both come from families of 5 and we are both the middle child!  Both sets of our grandparents are still living, and both of us have one set of AWESOME grandparents that live nearby.  My parents will celebrate their 27th anniversary a few days before our wedding, and Adam’s parents will also celebrate 27 years together in August.  I have a lot of extended family in Georgia, and Adam has family in Dallas, Houston, and California.”

What are they most looking forward to as a couple??? ” Marlee- I am looking forward to seeing Adam for the first time as I am walking down the aisle and having all of my close family and friends together to celebrate on the island that I have loved all of my life! Adam-  I am most excited for our first dance together as a married couple! “

Marlee favors the beach so ending their session on East Beach was appropriate. Now, Adam loves the mountains—- their destination wedding happens here near sea level!

Best response ever to “What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done as a couple (so far)???   They replied: Nothing! We are poor college students!”

If time and money was no object, what would you do as a couple (and why?) “We would travel. Adam loves the mountains and I love the beach, so I think we would spend our time exploring both the beach and mountains with each other!”

Marlee +Adam are ‘dog people’, and their future dog is going to be spoiled and also adventurous!

What has been the most difficult part of wedding planning to date? “Being so far away since it is a destination wedding!” (Marlee and Adam are from Texas!)

We can’t wait for Marlee + Adam’s Big Day!  They’ll be saying I Do at a private home on St. Simons Island in June with their reception at the Lighthouse/A.W. Jones Heritage Center. It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with a great wedding day team and that team will be led by Veronica Howard Events, Tasteful Temptations will be catering and T & Z DJ Services will be packing the dance floor! As Bobbi says, it’s going to be Fabbo!


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St. Simons Island Engagement Session | Marlee + Adam

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