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Wedding Celebration at Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta

When the pandemic messes with you, how do you respond? Caroline + Shawn did the thing—— and then had a wedding celebration at Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta. And they did it up BIG!

We’ve heard, seen, lived, and photographed the Covid Wedding Story a zillion times and each tale has its’ own twist, its’ own turn.  Every single time we dig in and celebrate with our couples, because not only should every love story be told, but every Covid impacted love story needs to be told.

Some are smaller than planned (hello to all of our elopement couples, we see and love you!), some change venues, dates, and details. But one thing stays the same. Couples want to get married and if they had a big wedding in mind they didn’t really want things to change. But in most cases, change they did.

When Caroline + Shawn came to us we already knew the brides family. Caroline is a legacy client, a legacy bride following her sister Christina’s wedding. This is a wonderful group of humans, and we were SO excited to capture these wedding day memories. When Covid changed things we weren’t sure how things were going to shake out and neither did the bride and groom! They tied the knot quietly (as SO MANY of our couples do for many reasons), and then they kept the celebration intact with a different date.

The gorgeous Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta was the location of the celebratory happiness, and everyone had a marvelous time!

Bobbi Brinkman Atlanta Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to tell who was more excited about the celebration and the answer was perhaps EVERYBODY. We’ve seen it time and time again, when a wedding was impacted by Covid so often the family or the couples tribe rallied around them and went all out to make things even more wonderful than hoped for!

The dress and jewelry might have had to wait a little bit longer but on the wedding day all the stars lined up for a beautiful bride!

It’s always fun to see the brides friends gather for the before shot, celebrating in their shirts—- and when they’re ready for the day? Maybe just a little tiny bit of primping was necessary (but not much!).

Shawn was also ready for his delayed moment and rose to the occasion in his inimitable style!


What a gorgeous, –and happy!!!!–couple!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen rallied around the couple, looked great— and had so much fun at Caroline and Shawn’s celebration.

Remember we told you about the Legacy Wedding? That’s BBP Bride Christina and her baby sharing a moment with Caroline on the day of her wedding celebration. So sweet!

Shawn sang to his wife as part of their reception and he brought down the house! We’re always partial to a groom (or bride) who share their musical talents as part of their day!

The food at the Biltmore Ballrooms as gorgeous— as well as delicious!

Cake anyone?  Or cakes and cakes and cakes? As a huge fan of cakes, we approve!!! 😉

We mentioned how much fun everyone had dancing, celebrating, and being part of Caroline + Shawn’s special day, right?

At the end of the day, it was a wrap on all of the joy a day could hold!

Thanks Caroline and Shawn for the honor of sharing in your very VERY special wedding celebration! We wish you every happiness in the world, every morsel of joy and love that you deserve!

*If you, a friend or family member is planning your wedding, wherever it might be—with or without your dog as a member of the wedding party–we’d LOVE to hear your story, chat about your I Do’s and be part of your Wedding Day Team. We consider it an honor to serve All COUPLES everywhere!

You know that We want YOU to be a #BBPCouple!

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