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Wedding Vendor Relief Fund

We have heavy HEAVY hearts for so many wedding vendors in this country who continue to be adversely affected by Covid-19. Some of these hard working vendors have already lost everything that they’ve worked for over their years in business. Yes, a Wedding Vendor Relief Fund is needed.

When Covid hit, as every wedding vendor and every wedding couple planning a 2020 wedding was shaken to their very core. There were cancellations, re-schedules, and frankly—- many couples have rescheduled upon rescheduled upon rescheduled and Covid is now having a huge impact on 2021 weddings.

The Wedding Vendor Relief Fund was created:

The Wedding Vendor Relief Fund helps small businesses in the wedding industry recover from hardships. Stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the WVRF was created to support wedding vendors in a time of need. Whether that be from a viral pandemic or a personal experience that has largely affected their small business, the WVRF offers a light of hope during dark times. Read on to learn more about our wedding vendor resource, how you can receive aid, or how you can donate.”

“We started off as a small wedding business ourselves. We understand the literal blood, sweat and tears that goes into building, maintaining and running a small business. And as much time as it takes to build, it can all come crumbling down in a minute. We saw and experienced the wreckage COVID-19 left in its path and we want be there to make sure we help stop the crumble of small businesses because of the unexpected, especially our friends in the wedding industry.”

Our friends in the wedding industry, we loved those words as they express our hearts. This fund stands for:

  • Protecting the Industry
  • Community Over Competition
  • Offering a Helping Hand

It is our hope that wedding vendors who are able will donate to the fund and by doing so offer a helping hand to those in need. All donations to our wedding non-profit are tax deductible and you will receive the necessary reciept and documentation after donating. Thanks Bustld!

For those outside of the wedding industry, specifically couples who have been impacted by Covid-19, there are a lot of you! We ask that you continue to be kind to your wedding vendors. Everyone is hurting in this crazy time, no one has been spared. Communicate openly, be honest, approach each other with love and respect and with that as a foundation, you will more easily be able to work things out!

We continue to send hugs and support to EVERYONE during this time.

Now, if you can, please donate to the Wedding Vendor Relief Fund.

Thanks, we truly are Better Together.


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