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photography for those who believe that love happens in everyday moments

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Photographs should contain the human side
of the moment captured

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Its’ been my privilege to witness important life moments through my camera for a long dang time (before cellphone cameras were all the rage). I never take for granted the honor it is to serve and tell all couples love stories in the most authentic way, with moments over poses.

If you’re as passionate about your love story as I am about capturing it, if you love easily, laugh hard, believe in the power of photography, that love is love, and that kindness and gratitude always matter----& promise to bring me Diet Mountain Dew--- then you’re in the Right Place!

Equally important to me is cheering on creative entrepreneurs as a speaker, educator, and coach. Sharing my years of experience with wedding pros, together we build careers with a purpose by keeping service at the forefront of their business.


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I'm Bobbi

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Her work captures the moments you’d expect – but also authentic, emotional moments of your day you’d never have expected to cherish so much. Her professionalism and personal care is unmatched!

“…so much more than beautiful photos!”
Highly recommended!

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