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Your story is important and we want to get to know you as individuals, as a couple and the journey you've taken to get you here to this chapter of your love story....the I DO chapter!!

From the moment we start chatting, through your wedding day to delivering your images we are your biggest fans!! As you begin your happily ever after we will continue to support and cheer you on, celebrate the milestones and cry with you in the sad times, because that is what family does. Once you are BBP family- you are family forever! This is just a small part of the BBP Experience...

What sets us apart: First and foremost, you are not just another couple! You’re welcomed not because of who you love or where your are from, or where your wedding will take place- it's about being treated as the couple you are and not couple number 2,348! It’s NOT about me, the photographer and all the photos I can take that will make me look like a rockstar, its about YOU TWO and how the photos will capture the rockstars that YOU are! Your personalities will shine authentically, surrounded by special people that embrace and celebrate your happiness and love. Because authentic moments are the BEST!

Knowing where to be and how to look for those in-between moments that happen naturally throughout your day allowing me to present to you a collection of photos that show the human side as well as the material side of your day. This will give you peace of mind about the photographic aspect of your day—you’ll be fully present and enjoy your day.

With thousands of weddings in front of my camera, and Tina's years of bride wrangling, we often become the calm voice of reason and step in when needed to take away wedding day stress. Tina and I are pretty laid back and choose to stay positive.

Within the BBP Experience we approach weddings as we do life—with gratitude, kindness and encouragement. We keep it simple & authentic, not sweating the small speed bumps, evolving, moving forward, and always, ALWAYS keeping true to your story that you have allowed us the honor to witness and tell with images from the heart! It's been said that being a part of the BBP family is priceless, and once you are a BBP Couple you are stuck with us for life!


Hi, I'm Tina! I'm your first point of contact and here to guide you through the process at BBP, laugh with you- cry with you, even give you my biscuit recipe! Consider me your red door, your cheerleader, your problem solver, your intermediary! My favorite part of life around BBP is when I am honored to pronounce you MARRIED! I also enjoy watching your day through the lens of a camera, or assisting our couples on their day when requested! Ha------ they call me Bride Wrangler!

There are not enough stars available to give to Bobbi and Tina, they have the biggest hearts and make their clients family.


Words from the Soul...

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  We are SO excited to invite you to be a part of the BBP Family     and see for yourself the experience that set us apart and how best we can be of service to you!